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The Long Stratton Neighbourhood Plan will be a document created by local people that sets out planning policy for where you live. It helps you protect the things you care about in your community, as well as make improvements to the local area. For example, it can set out how buildings should look, and for what they can be used. It can also help to encourage the kind of development of which you would like to see more.

A neighbourhood plan carries the same legal weight as plans drawn up by your local council. South Norfolk Council must follow what’s in your neighbourhood plan when making decisions about planning applications in your area.

Neighbourhood Plan Area Map:

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Update - The steering group committee are busy finalising the draft Neighbourhood Plan in preparation for the next stage, regulation 16.

As soon as we have more information on when this we be will update you all!


The Long Stratton Neighbourhood Plans pre-submission consultation stage (regulation 14) took place on12th October 2019 until 7th December 2019. The steering group are currently reviewing all the responses.

View the draft Neighbourhood Plan


View the supporting documents

View a breakdown of what each Neighbourhood Plan planning policy does.

“Long Stratton village will grow into a town, but a village feel will be retained. Long Stratton will keep its close links to the surrounding countryside and the characterful feel of the enclosed historic centre will be strengthened not just as a result of reduced through-traffic but due to physical improvements which can take place once the by-pass has been built.


Our strong sense of place in the Neighbourhood Plan area will grow as the new development is designed sensitively and reflect Long Stratton and Tharston’s existing characteristics. Pedestrian and cycle access between existing estates and the shops, services and areas of employment will be improved whilst the new development will be designed to encompass pedestrian and cycle access to the town centre." 

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